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How to use micro-blog for business purpose

In my previous posts, I’ve discussed much about the enterprise2.0 strategies on wiki, blog. Today I want to put the emphasis on micro-blog. Unlike traditional blog, micro-blog is typically much smaller and has attracted increasing number of web netizens to register. In China, micro-blog has become a new trend. Sina Weibo served as China’s leading microblogging site combines main natures of Twitter and Facebook which has more than 60,000 verified accounts including celebrities, sports stars and other VIPs. Personally, the main reason why so many people prefer to use micro-blog today is that the micro-blog allows netizens to express and share quite freely and timely. You just write a short sentence counts down to 140 words to express status, feelings at any time in any place rather than long or formal posts with hundred words.


Although micro-blog is sort of informal and not so credibility as blog, it can also help to promote your personal even organizational brands. But how? Do the blog and micro-blog use the same strategy? Here are some points on the means of using micro-blog for business purpose.

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Posted by on September 18, 2011 in Enterprise2.0, web2.0