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The pros and cons of Enterprise2.0

In China, there is a traditional viewpoint that everything has two sides. The great benefits gained from the implementation of Enterprise2.0 are also accompanied with some potential risks. Among all the benefits, the top two for organizations or firms, as I see it, should be enhancing knowledge, staff engagement.

Knowledge refers to knowledge management. This terminology for most people is pretty blurred compared to information. To be brief, knowledge should be the product through assimilating information over time or within experience. Therefore, knowledge is the blood of an organization. And enterprise2.0 should be the vessel used to transmit the knowledge. Studying from the success stories, Northwestern Mutual Life (insurance company) has a good acquisition of the importance of knowledge. The number of older workers is high means this company has a powerful cultural and experience-based context. Thus, it uses Awareness (an enterprise2.0 platform), a kind of enterprise2.0 platform, to create a searchable warehouse to their employees. What a mighty strategy. Tacit knowledge shift to dynamic and open and keep improving. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by on August 20, 2011 in Enterprise2.0, Implementation