The pros and cons of Enterprise2.0

In China, there is a traditional viewpoint that everything has two sides. The great benefits gained from the implementation of Enterprise2.0 are also accompanied with some potential risks. Among all the benefits, the top two for organizations or firms, as I see it, should be enhancing knowledge, staff engagement.

Knowledge refers to knowledge management. This terminology for most people is pretty blurred compared to information. To be brief, knowledge should be the product through assimilating information over time or within experience. Therefore, knowledge is the blood of an organization. And enterprise2.0 should be the vessel used to transmit the knowledge. Studying from the success stories, Northwestern Mutual Life (insurance company) has a good acquisition of the importance of knowledge. The number of older workers is high means this company has a powerful cultural and experience-based context. Thus, it uses Awareness (an enterprise2.0 platform), a kind of enterprise2.0 platform, to create a searchable warehouse to their employees. What a mighty strategy. Tacit knowledge shift to dynamic and open and keep improving. Read the rest of this entry »


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Improve through Share — With Web2.0 Tools

Hi guys,

Last week, the lecturer introduced two books to us: ‘Who moved my cheese’ and ‘Wikinomics’. Before that, I’ve finished the ‘Who moved my cheese’, and continue to read the other one. Even though the ‘cheese’ book I’ve read is the Chinese version, it still impressed me a lot. For the most adults, the story is really simple and maybe a little childish. But think deeply, our life is just like this maze filled with changes, right? The four characters of the story just represent different reactions when human encounter the changes. Read the rest of this entry »


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Strategies led your blog to success!

The purpose

My first regular blog is going to talk about successful blog strategy. Of course, the strategy will vary from person to person. In my view, the most critical factor that can result in a successful blog is a unique and clear purpose. In short, why should I blog? The reason can be diverse. For example, my blog aims at recording what I’ve learned from the lectures, expressing personal opinions, and using it as a way of developing my reputation and relationships both of which are very crucial to an overseas student.

Choose the topic

Before starting, I also need to think carefully about my blog topic. That is also an important preparation. Because after you pick up a kind of topic, you’ve targeted the type of the future readers and subscribers. You can have more than one topic, but the themes should not be too scattered. All of your posts should have similar keywords. That is, if your previous posts are mainly about your work and transaction which are all formal, your next post can not be about the entertainment or informal records. For this blog, my topic will focus on the Enterprise2.0. Discussing and expressing my own views about Enterprise2.0 or Web2.0, and communicating with the readers who have the same interests and want to share and solve the problems in the same domain.

The quality of  contents

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Hello Enterprise 2.0!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Wu Yunshan, but you can also call me Sandy. This is my first year at QUT. During my first semester, I choose Enterprise 2.0 as my course.

To be honest, the primary motivation for me to choose Enterprise2.0 is my major—Enterprise Systems. I just know a little about Web2.0 but not Enterprise2.0, and as I see it there should be a close relationship between Enterprise2.0 and Enterprise systems. Unfortunately, after the first lecture, I was totally wrong. But the lucky thing is that I find it is not a boring subject which make me develop deep attention and interests. After the lecture, I’ve searched several information about Enterprise2.0 in English or in Chinese. Finally, I had an overview about it. Besides the fundamental definition, I also find some ideas about its importance and the broad prospect for development.

The proliferation of web and Internet technologies have make the world more closer,  and also change the ways of  living, studying and even transaction. Today people use blogs, wikis and messaging software not only just for their individual entertainments but also for business or academic ways. It can be seen that the flexibly applying Enterprise2.0 tools can help people capture knowledge and information more effectively so that the level of the management and competitive of an company can be enhaced.


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