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Hello Enterprise 2.0!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Wu Yunshan, but you can also call me Sandy. This is my first year at QUT. During my first semester, I choose Enterprise 2.0 as my course.

To be honest, the primary motivation for me to choose Enterprise2.0 is my major—Enterprise Systems. I just know a little about Web2.0 but not Enterprise2.0, and as I see it there should be a close relationship between Enterprise2.0 and Enterprise systems. Unfortunately, after the first lecture, I was totally wrong. But the lucky thing is that I find it is not a boring subject which make me develop deep attention and interests. After the lecture, I’ve searched several information about Enterprise2.0 in English or in Chinese. Finally, I had an overview about it. Besides the fundamental definition, I also find some ideas about its importance and the broad prospect for development.

The proliferation of web and Internet technologies have make the world more closer,  and also change the ways of  living, studying and even transaction. Today people use blogs, wikis and messaging software not only just for their individual entertainments but also for business or academic ways. It can be seen that the flexibly applying Enterprise2.0 tools can help people capture knowledge and information more effectively so that the level of the management and competitive of an company can be enhaced.


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