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Conference Management for the 34th IGC

In my previous posts, I’ve talked about some social media strategies about wiki, Facebook and LinkedIn. Here I will provide some ideas and advices on how to use these tools to manage conference based on the case organization – 34th IGC.

The 34th International Geological Congress (IGC) or AUSTRALIA 2012, will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, from 2-10 August 2012. It is a world wide scientific conference involving various activities such as business meetings, scientific programs, GeoExpo, expert workshops, etc. Thus, in order to successful manage such huge conferences with approximate 6,000 – 7,000 delegates and exhibitors, corporate with social media is a wise choice.

During the conference, timely publishing relevant information to the public and attracting more online participations should be given top priority. Here provides a case to see what Dell has done and discuss which parts are suitable for IGC to learn. Dell’s marketing and communications organizations prefer to organize a one-day conference on one topic, bring together their employees to share and discuss through social media tools. The biggest challenge for Dell is to integrate communications professionals and their efforts throughout different departments and various social media channels. One solution adopted by Dell for internal conference is called Unconference – they borrowed from techniques from other open, spontaneously organized conferences to create a simple one-day conference. However, there exists some obvious problems of preparing for an event remotely due to some cultural issues around shyness which also may happen in IGC. IBM also uses Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for their public participators. Subscribing to their social media can make participators across the world to stay in touch with their public conference in real-time. Read the rest of this entry »


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LinkedIn, more business opportunities?

In the previous posts, I’ve talked much about Facebook, Twitter, blog and Wiki for individual and organizational purposes. This week, I will introduce a new Web2.0 tool – LinkedIn and outline some strategies on how to use LinkedIn for business and individual branding. The video below give the overview about LinkedIn:

Actually, LinkedIn should be a brand new domain for me which means I have no rich experience about this. However, after learning some relevant cases and examples, I find that LinkedIn is more professional for business or studies compared with Facebook and Twitter, and effective use of LinkedIn can improve your professional relationships and benefit your future career.

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