How to use micro-blog for business purpose

18 Sep

In my previous posts, I’ve discussed much about the enterprise2.0 strategies on wiki, blog. Today I want to put the emphasis on micro-blog. Unlike traditional blog, micro-blog is typically much smaller and has attracted increasing number of web netizens to register. In China, micro-blog has become a new trend. Sina Weibo served as China’s leading microblogging site combines main natures of Twitter and Facebook which has more than 60,000 verified accounts including celebrities, sports stars and other VIPs. Personally, the main reason why so many people prefer to use micro-blog today is that the micro-blog allows netizens to express and share quite freely and timely. You just write a short sentence counts down to 140 words to express status, feelings at any time in any place rather than long or formal posts with hundred words.


Although micro-blog is sort of informal and not so credibility as blog, it can also help to promote your personal even organizational brands. But how? Do the blog and micro-blog use the same strategy? Here are some points on the means of using micro-blog for business purpose.

 For personal brands:                                                                                                                             When you want to use micro-blog to lead to your career opportunities, the key point you should remember is that brand yourself based on your passion and skills. In order to meet this purpose, several methods need to be considered:                                                                                                                                                  1) Gain followers: like blog, you need many loyal visitors so that your reputation can be enhanced. Most micro-blog sites such as Sina weibo and Twitter have the functions of “follower” and “following” which is very powerful and convenient when users want to promote each other. Retweets and following other people are two essential ways to get new followers.                                                                                                                          2) However, the large number of followers is far from enough. You should learn to retain them. You must show much productive contribute to others or companies. As the limitation of posting words, you cannot express your skills, competence completely, it is necessary to share the link to your Blog home page and posts.                    3) Fill out your profile: it is the detail which is most likely to be neglected. But remember that the information fields focusing on the education and work section is the way where you can reconnect with past colleagues that might be able to help you get a job                                                                                                             4) Cross-promote and follow the people who can provide valuable information to support your career               5) Update your status constantly. This point also mentioned in blog strategy. From the instant messages involving your feelings, your lastest blog links, a new project or a particular job you’re working on, other people know what you’re up to and the get into your content

For CEO, President, VP or other executive:                                                                                                  It will become more complex when executives use micro-blog on behalf of their companies. How they add tremendous value to their enterprise and see a huge return on their investment (ROI).                                     1) The prior thing is that you must engage the people. Micro-blog post is more like a conversation rather than making an announcement. Share your corporate culture, leadership values in a personal and interesting way and avoid too structured.                                                                                                                             2) Make your voice intimately close to company’s reputation and brand. Thus, every post should be light of the company life behind the marketing                                                                                                               3) Provide high quality posts and ensure the equity and credibility.                                                               4) If you decide to sell products via micro-blog, it is very important to measure how many dollars did you save through this engagement?                                                                                                                           5) As executives, show your leadership to let others like, respect and trust what they discover


Although little CEOs, celebrities and entrepreneurs choose micro-blog as their main social media platform, micro-blog is still an alternative way to promote personal and organizational brands. Associate micro-blog with internal blog should be a powerful social media strategy.

If you want to learn more about how to use Twitter, here provides some reading materials:

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Here is a video to demonstrate the impacts of Sina Weibo on Chinese society:


5 Habits of successful executives on Twitter

Sina Weibo


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7 responses to “How to use micro-blog for business purpose

  1. crispgm

    September 18, 2011 at 11:39 am

    an outstanding post!
    the examples connected with China is really useful that we should implement Enterprise 2.0 under the condition of country you live in

    • Wu Yunshan

      September 19, 2011 at 2:10 am

      Thank you, i think in China especially for youths, Sina Weibo has become a part of daily life.

  2. brettstevenson2011

    September 19, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    Great post Wu Yunshan! I have never actually used a micro-blog myself before, so this post created some great stepping stones for me to learn a thing or two. Going on the points made this does seem like a great way to promote a business brand.

    • Wu Yunshan

      September 20, 2011 at 3:32 am

      yeah, many people use micro-blog for entertainment. But personally, if you pay attention you can find micro-blog is a decent strategy for your business brands.

  3. pip

    September 21, 2011 at 1:46 am

    That is an interesting point,as I am not a prefessional user with micro-blog,even though there are more people using it .I believe that using micro-blog can be more effective,and build a brand easily.After read through your blog,I got a main idea with how to use micro-blog,and what benefits we can gain.

  4. weidingep2

    September 22, 2011 at 2:43 am

    A vast number of individuals and groups concern a imitator of twitter, however, the fact is is more feature advanced twitting web 2.0 application. Enterprises can publish news with plain text via twitter, but the weakness is images and other media can not get involved.

    From my concern, images and videos sometimes is also necessary for enterprise branding.

  5. laucurtis

    September 22, 2011 at 3:36 am

    Fantastic Post.
    I think your strategies will be great if all companies apply it to help them to increase their Return on Investment (ROI).


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